A subway train is parked at Pape station in East York the day before a major transit announcement by the Ontario Government.

Ontario employers’ duty to pay workers overtime just got a little lighter, following passage of a law that quietly reduces some protections around excess hours of work in the province.
Bill 66, which was passed Tuesday at Queen’s Park, lightens regulations around a practice called “overtime averaging” in a way that has significant implications for how much overtime pay workers receive.

Welland Transit wants to light up bus shelters

NEWS Mar 25, 2019 by Dave Johnson The Welland Tribune

The Doug Ford Conservative government is planning to pull off one of the most ambitious power grabs in recent memory — taking the entire subway system away from the TTC and the people of Toronto. This would tear apart an integrated system of buses, streetcars and subways that moves over a million and a half people every day — over 80 per cent of all passengers in the entire Greater Toronto region. And it would open the door to creeping privatization of public assets and services.